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We provide newly certified yoga teachers with the tools and knowledge necessary to find their first paid teaching gigs.


a supportive community for new yoga teachers

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What People are Saying

Since launching in 2017, our site has provided new and current yoga teachers with tips and advice to guide them on their teaching journeys. From social media, email, and direct responses, here is what people have to say about The Driven Yogi and our community.

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New Teacher Features

From creating new group classes to starting their own businesses, these inspiring new yoga teachers are paving paths for themselves in the industry.


In the Press

Dreamcatcher's district podcast

Our founder talks to Karen Christensen about The Driven Yogi, and why it is so important to trust the process when venturing on any new journey – yoga teaching included!


namaste yoga + wellness center

Did you know that The Driven Yogi was founded out of frustration? Really! Find out more about the community, our founder, and why she started the site in the first place. 

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