Yogi Self-Care: 3 Ways to Track Your Daily Water Consumption | The Driven Yogi

daily water consumption

The majority of people know that drinking water is necessary for a healthy lifestyle, but if you are a yoga teacher who is running from class to class, tracking your intake can be cumbersome. But it doesn't have to be! By following three simple steps, you can ensure you are getting the recommended amount of daily water consumption.

Our bodies are made up of 60% water. That water gets depleting daily through various methods including urinating, crying, and sweating, just to name a few. Since we are constantly losing water, it is imperative that it gets replaced – and moreso if you are a teacher who practices and teaches hot yoga, as you are losing water faster! 

To reap the benefits of drinking more water, the average recommended amount of daily water consumption per individual is two litres, or a half of a gallon. But keep in mind those numbers go up depending on your size and level of activity. After hearing that amount, if you rolled your eyes and said, ‘half a gallon?!’ Don’t worry! There are several tactics you can take to successfully track your water intake.

1. Buy a New Container to Help You Track Daily Water Consumption

When I first started monitoring my daily water intake I was so frustrated when I had to keep getting up to refill my water bottle. So instead, I bought what I like to call 'Big Bertha' (pictured above). She’s my enormous water bottle that I take with me EVERYWHERE. Here’s my rationale: if I have one water bottle that I only fill once daily, I ALWAYS know how far along I am with my daily water consumption. If I come home at night and there is still water left, I finish it off about an hour or two before bed. This process has worked tremendously for me; and the best part, I don't have to update charts or count how many cups, ounces, or litres I'm drinking throughout the day.

2. Incorporate Fruit to Make Water Taste Better

Now that you have your new water container (which should not be plastic by the way), fill it up with water, cut up some of your favorite fruit, and let it sit in the water bottle overnight. In the morning when you grab your water, you’ll now have a fruit infused drink that tastes more like water from the spa versus plain ole’ boring water. Give it a try!

3. Set a Timer on Your Electronic Device

Life is busy. Even if you have your water bottle on you, you still may forget that it’s waiting to be consumed. Do your body a favor and set a timer on your phone or an alert on your calendar for every two hours. When the timer or reminder goes off, drink seven or more ounces of water. If you use this method, by the end of the day, you’ll be happy, hydrated, and successfully tracking your daily water consumption.

Do you have other ways that you track your daily water consumption or make it easier to drink? Let us know.