4 Tips for Teaching Your First Yoga Class | The Driven Yogi


As a new yoga teacher, teaching your first yoga class can be nerve-racking. You may create stories in your head about how difficult it will be and what the end result of teaching your first class will be. Fear takes over and you might make statements such as: "They’re going to think I have no idea what I’m doing!” or “No one is ever going to come back to this class!” and the all too famous, “I’m going to mess up!” 

If you speak to any new teacher, they're likely to tell you they've been there! *Raises hand* including myself!

When I taught my first class I was a mess of nerves. But because took four simply steps, I think it made getting through that first class easier. And if you too follow these four tips, teaching your first yoga class will be a breeze! 

1. Write down the Sequence

There are so many things you are going to forget to do when you teach your first yoga class, but don’t let the sequence be one of them! Before stepping into the teacher role, make sure that your sequence has transitions that make sense, counterposes, and that there is also ample time to give your students space to rest.

2. Practice the Sequence as a Student

If you sit down when making a sequence, chances are when you start to teach it, you’ll realize that some transitions are too difficult, or that some students may not be able to do them at all. Practicing what you plan to teach helps you make better decisions on what should be modified or eliminated entirely.

3. Practice the Sequence Only Giving Verbal Cues

Doing an entire sequence while talking students through it at the same time is exhausting! Some teachers do it because it’s easier to explain how students should get into poses if they do it in their own body. It's fine if you plan to do it too, but keep in mind that as a teacher, you need to adjust students and give cues simultaneously. Yay for multitasking! The best way to ensure that you’ll be able to do both is to verbalize the instructions without actually doing them. 

4. Breathe!

Yes, I know. Duh! But you’ll be surprised what happens when you teach for the first time. Taking time practice pranayama breathing both before and during your first class will not only calm you down, but that calm energy could transfer to your students as well! 

Now get out there and kick ass teaching your first yoga class!