A Supportive Community for New Yoga Teachers | The Driven Yogi


Hey blogosphere! I’m Keisha Courtney. A yogi of seven years who decided to take the plunge and commit to the time consuming journey of going through yoga teacher training to become a new yoga teacher.

I wish I could tell you I did teacher training because “I had a calling,” or “I wanted to deepen my own practice” (no shade to those who do it for that reason, it just wasn’t the case for me). In reality, I had a wild idea to combine two of my loves: yoga and pole dancing (more on that later….maybe). I may still follow through on the original plan, but after completing my training, I realized that I truly wanted to become a yoga teacher. 

When I graduated from training, I immediately went to Google to find advice for what I needed to do next. Surprise! There was very little information out there. So, in an effort to help educate myself, and my fellow new yoga teachers on the process of landing that first paid yoga gig, I decided to start this blog.

I hope to answer all of the burning questions you may have: What do I do after training? How do I put together a resume with no experience? How do I navigate this new freedom from training, my hesitation to teach, the fear of teaching a class for the first time outside of training, etc. Yes. All of those things! I'll answer these questions through my own experience, and also, by gathering information from yoga business owners, eRYTs, and others who are experts in the field. I hope you'll follow along on the journey!