Coping with Low Show/No Show Yoga Classes | The Driven Yogi

By Keisha Courtney

no show/low show yoga class

Low show/no show yoga classes have happened to every new and experienced yoga teacher – it’s inevitable! While there are several factors that play into why low show/no show yoga classes happen, many of them are beyond a teacher’s control. When it happens, it is easy to jump to conclusions and start thinking people do not like your classes – or you. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it actually is the class or the instructor (not every class/instructor is for everybody), but more times than not, the two are not connected. Here are a few things to remember to cope with no show/low show yoga classes.

The time of day matters

Certain times of the day are more difficult to build a following than others. If you lead a noon class and work in a city where most people have traditional work hours, your audience is a little more limited. Just know that even though there may not be large numbers to pull from to begin with, you can still make your class successful and grow them. It will just take more strategy and time to do so.

Turning low show classes you sub into a positive EXPERIENCE

If you sub a class which typically has several students attend, but it ends up being a low show class, don’t take it personally! Many students are creatures of habit. If they don’t see their regular teacher on the schedule, they may choose to skip the class entirely. If this happens to you, this is your opportunity to shine! Instead of looking at this negatively, turn the low class numbers into a positive. Think of it this way – if you lead a great class for the students who did show up, you may see those same students in another one of your classes soon.

In the event of a no show class, use the time for yourself

If no one shows up to your class at all, use the time wisely. You could always refine the sequence you were going to teach, get your personal practice in for the day, study up on your anatomy knowledge, or even work on your class marketing. Depending on the yoga space you work at, you may be getting paid simply for showing up for the class, so take advantage of the added time.

It’s all out of your control

Early in my career I became obsessed with class numbers. One week the numbers would be high and then the next they would be so low that I figured something had to have happened to make them drop off. I would start comparing my class numbers to other teachers and analyzing what could be done to make my class numbers increase. But the truth is, there is no science to class numbers and they are completely unpredictable at times. The best thing to do is focus on your teaching skills, give students the best class you can, and try not to get yourself down in the event of a low show/no show classes.