(VIDEO) Teaching Yoga to Pregnant Students | The Driven Yogi

I’ll never forget the first few times I was teaching yoga – the stress was real ya’ll! I had a checklist in my head: go over the sequence once more, check the temperature and lighting in the room, be sure to greet every student and ask them questions about injuries, etc. etc.

I was nervous about teaching in general, but then, I had a pregnant student walk in. I immediately froze. Everything I learned from training in the prenatal section was nowhere to be found in my memory! Lucky for me, the student wasn’t new to practicing while pregnant, and she knew exactly what to do. But it got me thinking...I’m sure it would be helpful for new teachers to have a refresher course and a go-to cheat sheet for when this happens to them. Well, I’m now giving you both!

In this short video, prenatal yoga teacher Claudia Florian-McCaffrey, gives helpful, informative, and easy to remember tips for new yoga teachers to be aware of when it comes to teaching pregnant students. Oh, and BONUS, there’s also a cheat sheet for you to print out and keep with you so that you never get caught off guard again when it comes to teaching yoga to pregnant students.

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