Not all teacher trainings are made alike.…
That’s where we come in.

Completing a yoga teacher training program and then navigating the next steps you should take to find a paid teaching gig, especially with little guidance, can be extremely overwhelming. At The Driven Yogi, we believe no one has to be on the journey alone! We help guide newly certified teachers on their post training journey, provide experienced teachers with tips on how to enhance their teaching and classes, and of utmost importance, show all teachers how to take care of themselves while still helping students. If you're a teacher looking for a supportive community, look no further. We got your back!

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Our Founder

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Keisha Courtney is a former yoga skeptic turned yoga addict. After finishing her teacher training, she became frustrated with the lack of information available for new yoga teachers who were just beginning their journeys. She scoured the internet to find any tip possible about the tangible steps she should take after her training to land her first gig, but the tips she found weren't very helpful and/or weren't aimed at new yoga teachers – hence why The Driven Yogi was born!

On top of helping new yoga teachers land their first gigs, The Driven Yogi also provides tips and advice on how new and experienced teachers can refine their teaching and classes, and gives suggestions on the different ways teachers can prioritize self-care as healers.